Lodge Ecovita Organic Farm


ECOVITA is committed to develop, throughout the organization, its Management Policy Sustainable Tourism; underpinned by the following principles:


• Establish, implement and periodically review a Sustainable Tourism Management System that provides the appropriate framework to ensure a process of continuous improvement.


• perform with applicable law, the requirements agreed with customers, the general national and international standards, and yet acquired undertaking voluntarily.


• Give permanent training and information on environmental education, respect for local cultures and populations, rescue and protection of cultural heritage, environmental impacts, management of liquid discharges, flora and fauna, savings and consumption of water and energy, waste management solid, health and safety, supplies and suppliers; all staff, so that the Sustainable Tourism Policy is known, developed and kept up to date by all levels of the company.


• Implement a Management System Sustainable Tourism to ensure compliance with this policy and include action plans relating to areas: Environmental, Socio-Cultural and Economic main principles:


        Sustainable Development System

        Pollution Prevention

        Increased customer satisfaction

        continuous performance improvement

        Risk reduction work


• Assess environmental impacts and risks to maintain sustainable tourism in all projects, investments and businesses that undertake Ecovita.


• Integrating employees in the active commitment to improving sustainability.


• Ensure that all employees own and suppliers receive appropriate training to be competent in fulfilling their obligations.


• Evaluate operational performance indicators and management in compliance with this policy through audits.



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