Lodge Ecovita Organic Farm


Walks & excursions

Around  Ecovita we have a interesting places to visit. The exuberant nature predominates and privileges sites that are havens


Spotlight  the  waterfalls for guided walks. Depending on your expertise and motivation, you can access to a various surrounding mountains after a walk of 2 or 3 hours. Where you can see the beautiful bromeliads, orchids, ferns, horsetail, seven laps, avocados, coffee, crops of beans, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.


And of course enjoy an energizing bath in the crist waters of the waterfalls as Chazasal, Santa Teresa, Tigrera, San Carlos, heart, etc.

We have the necessary equipment for byking too.


Butterflies and Birds Watching


You could see a variety of butterflies and 20 species of birds, and hearing the singing of blackbirds, doves, hummingbirds, carpenters, owl  and others.

Cow Milking (in season).

Plant a native tree.

Preparation of seedbeds.

Artisanal chocolate, fudge and mermelade



Agricultural and environment practices


Visits of Viewpoints and other attractions

There are natural viewpoints for those who like contemplation of beautiful landscapes like as Balazul or Sal Si Puedes bridge, considered the hightgest of its kind structure in the country, and which gave way to the brotherhood between the Coast and Andes in 1.977.

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